Rizki Rahadiyan

Rizki Rahadiyan was born in Bandung, West Java, on 16th September 1984. He lived with his family in a house that sat right next to a main road in West Bandung. The street is always busy, crowded with the noise of cars, buses and motorcycles passing by. There weren’t many houses with family around the area, so little Rizki ended up being busy playing in his own imaginary world. He often gazed at the ceilings and busy making out different shapes of faces or cars in his imagination. He often moved his fingers along as if transforming his imagination into reality. Rizki was also inspired by his older brother, now also an artist, who was always drawing and sketching using the walls in their home.

While he was in the elementary school, he partially moved from his own imaginary world and started to make friends with other kids in the school. By the time he entered junior high, music bands from the 90s animated his mind. He also had an infatuation to geek characters on TV, like Bill Murray’s character in the Ghostbuster. He was indebted to the visual effect from the ghosts and the characters in the movie for inspiring him to construct weird electronic gears as if to be used as sophisticated machineries to catch ghosts.

His infatuation to music deepens, especially when it comes to playing guitar. Who would have thought that the image of Eddie Vedder and Tom Yorke could change his outwardly style and also his inner thoughts. Bandung, at that time, had a lively music scene which made teenagers easily exposed and by the same time able to access different musical genre. From underground to R & B. From noisy music to Motown.

Finally, his inner interest towards drawing and arts started to come rushing back. He joined a drawing club in high school called ‘K.E.R.T.A.S’ [1]. He spent time to draw more. By the time he almost graduated, conflicted by the choice of going towards social science or natural science, after referring to his older brother who got into one of the best art school in Indonesia, he entered it as well, taking Fine Arts as his subject in Bandung Institute of Technology.

There he encountered a new world with its unique fresh atmosphere. He met seniors and lecturers who inspired him to pursue art. He saw the works of artists graduated from the same university that motivated him to productively create artistic works. The curriculum and the time he spent in the studio were also very conducive for him to just focus on creating artwork.

During his first year, he studied the basics of arts and then got sorted into fine art painting major on the second year. He studied modern art, aesthetics, art psychology, art management, history of arts in Indonesia and in the West, and many more. He learned from the very basics of understanding formalism to the subject that he found most interesting, post-modernism. He particularly interested on how post-modernism was an art movement which bolted out of the blue, unexpected by the art communities and art historians.

During his second year in the painting studio, Rizki studied three different styles: cubism, expressionism, and symbolism. He also used cubism when executing mural paintings for commission, one of his side jobs. By the end of that year, he started to cautiously form his own painting style. Fortunately, his surrounding environment is extremely supportive for him to freely explore his own style. And while being immersed with this exploration, Whamby2 came into birth.

Entering his third year, he also came into liking the works of Edward Hopper and René Magritte. He especially liked Hopper’s ‘Chop Suey’ (1929), which, as Rizki put it, has an urban poetic irony mood, much appreciated by him.

Also during this third year, a research method course made him get into contacts with one of the soon to be successful artist from Yogyakarta, Eko Nugroho. Rizki was doing some research on ‘The Daging Tumbuh’3, 4 which is a ‘mobile gallery’ proposed by Eko Nugroho. The gallery was created to facilitate Yogya’s young artists who want to give exhibitions but were rather confined due to their yet unknown name, especially compared to the more senior and famous artists.

After graduation, Rizki and his former university classmates formed ‘Subreal’. The group’s artistic concept is to bend ordinary daily materials, places, or reality into a completely different meaning, in short, a subversion of reality. They made their debut group exhibition with the title ‘[re]citation’5 in Soemardja Gallery, Bandung. The group also exhibited their paintings in Roemah Roepa Gallery, Jakarta, with the title ‘Bandung Initiative’. The title of Rizki’s works including ‘The Persona’6, ‘Shout Out’7, ‘Put Off Your Glasses, Use Your Imagination’8, ‘If They Haunting’9, and ‘Earth Move Machine Detail’10.

Afterwards, Rizki’s art career went into a hiatus as he started working in the TV broadcast industry. He spent some years working in a production house (as well as a recording house), KRU Studios, Malaysia. He worked as a motion graphics artist and then joined the visual FX team as a compositing artist. While utilizing a different medium to express his artistic skill, for him, the work is in its way, rather similar to painting on a canvas.

By the end of 2012, he went back to Indonesia to work in the TV commercial industry until 2015 when he decided to work as a freelance motion graphics artist so he can pursue his original art vision. By mid of 2015, he started to focus on producing more artworks and building his profile as a visual artist. Influenced by his years in the TV industry, Rizki also decided to build a community space called ‘Digital Whamby’. He envisioned that this platform would be utilized as a place to produce and exhibit his ‘digital artworks’. 

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Group Exhibitions

2003 “Rupatorium” at Aula Barat ITB, Bandung
2004 “Steal Life” at Soemardja Gallery, Bandung
2005 Watercolor Workshop and Exhibition with Agus Suwage at Soemardja Gallery, Bandung 2005 “Aku Bermain (maka) Aku Ada” at National Gallery, Jakarta
2007 “24 Hours Comics” at Space 59, Bandung
2008 “Surfacial” at Selasar Sunaryo Art space, Bandung
2008 “Recitation” at Soemardja Gallery, Bandung
2008 “Modest Codes” at Oka’s Gallery, Bali
2009 “Pameran Illustrasi Cerpen KOMPAS” at Bentara Budaya, Jakarta
2010 “a tribute to S. Sudjojono” at GSPI, Bandung